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Can you avoid all the physiological biases when it comes to investing?

The investment decision making process is a difficult one, and we are all only human. Sometimes our mind plays tricks on us, which often causes us to make mistakes. However, this does not have to be the case: play the game and find out whether you can avoid the most frequent investment mistakes!



Re: Difference in Investment Business in Russia and the US

The difference in investment business of the two countries is interesting. In Russia, if a broker-dealer or asset manager is registered in Moscow, s/he can advertise him/herself in any region and have clients all over the country. In the US, an investment bank or asset manager registered in one state has the right to promote him/herself in that state exclusively. To be able to promote themselves in other states as well as have clients there (over 5 per state), s/he is required to be registered in those states, in all 50 if need be! The procedure is simple, though the essence is trivial: fundraising. $300 USD annual fee per company per state, $15,000 USD in all states. A kind of pre-paid annual fee for the presence, though you have not done anything yet.

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