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A clip from a video talk: the Commodities market.

What is the commodities market?

It is clear what is sold on the commodities market. The question is: what kind of commodities are being sold and how? There are three main types of commodities: key agricultural products like corn and wheat; metals like steel and aluminum; and energy-bearing products like oil and gas. The main trade in goods takes place on the exchanges, which set their own rules. For example, a buyer and a seller do not exchange a barrel of oil on the market. The trade is completed via derivatives, called futures. Read more »


A clip from a video talk: the Stock Market.

What is the difference between the stock market,common stock and other instruments?

The stock market is the third largest financial market after the currency and bond markets. Its volume is over $60 trillion dollars and it fluctuates along with global stock market prices. A major difference between common stock and other instruments is for example, a futures contract, has a time limit (usually 3-12 months) and bonds mature while common stocks can be accumulated and sold at all times, until the company ceases to exist. Read more »


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