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The Texture of the World. If there were only 100 people living within it…

“If there were only 100 people living on the Earth, 57 of them would be descendants from Asia, 21 from Europe, 14 from the Americas, and 8 from Africa. Of the 100 inhabitants 52 would be women, 48 – men. 30 would be white, and 70 would be of other races. There would be 30 Christians and 70 would belong to other religions. 89 people would be of heterosexual orientation, while 11 would be homosexual. 6 inhabitants of this “world” village would own 59% of its riches and they would all be North Americans.  80 out of those 100 would live in extreme poverty. 70 would not know how to read and 50 would be regularly malnourished. One person would die and one person would be born every day. Only one person would have a higher education and there would be only one owning a computer. ”


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