Russian crowdfunding longs for legislation and trust.

Around 58 percent of Americans with annual incomes of $25,000 or more are prepared to invest in early-stage startups, according to a U.S. crowdfunding industry study by EarlyIQ, Crowdfund Professional Association, and Crowdfund Capital Advisors. They are prepared to support two or three startups annually, by investing around $2,000 in each. Americans making in excess of $75,000 a year are even more interested in crowdfunding, with 68 percent prepared to invest in startups.

In the crucible of the market

Crowdfunding – collective financing of a project by a large number of non-professional investors – is yet to take off in Russia. Around 700 investors polled by the Russian investment forum MMGP said they were ready to take part in collective financing of startups, but would not risk more than $1,000. Read more »


Чудеса экономических “законов”: денег много, инфляции нет, страдает золото.

Золото, излюбленный актив испуганных инвесторов, внезапно само стало выглядеть крайне уязвимым – падение цен на него в начале недели стало рекордным за 30 лет. Экономисты не исключают, что этот обвал может стать предвестником конца эры роста золотых цен, которая началась 12 лет назад. Драгметалл хорошо защищает от кризиса с инфляцией, но инфляция, которую все так ждали так и не появилась. Цена на золото, которая росла все последние 12 лет, внезапно устремилось вниз. Драгоценный металл верой и правдой служил инвесторам в качестве тихой гавани в условиях сначала перегрева, а затем и краха мировой экономики. Read more »


Should You Invest in Japan Today?

“The Bank of Japan recently announced that it would start purchasing long-term Japanese government bonds. This quantitative easing program in Japan is roughly equivalent to the size of the program here in the U.S.  However, the quantitative easing in Japan is larger than what is happening in the U.S. when compared to the size of Japanese GDP. The recent rally in Japanese equities is a result of the monetary announcement.  Should you invest in Japanese equities today? To answer this question, we will take a look at the economic situation in Japan and the actions taken by the Bank of Japan.

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