“Big Mac с пивом” или Как сравнить уровень жизни?

Дойче Банк опубликовал отчет, сравнивающий цены на товары в США с ценами в других странах, в том числи в России. Судите сами, что-то вызывает улыбку. Например, дюжина роз в США стоит около 12 долларов. Какой букет нужно дарить, чтобы выйти на цену в 111 долл.?:) Кто-нибуть пил Coca-Cola в Германии по 17 долл.?


Two Liter Soft Drink – $2.49 in the US

1. Brazil– $19.05, 765%
2. Germany– $17.20, 691%
3. Japan– $6.99, 281%

4. Russia — $5.59, 224%

5. Australia — $4.27, 171% Read more »


A Nightmare for Registered Investment Advisers

Per a recently proposed bill, FINRA, the main regulatory authoritative body for broker dealers, may become the regulatory authoritative for Registered Investment Advisers as well. If the “Investment Adviser Oversight Act of 2012” is passed, Registered Investment Advisers will be regulated on three levels. The first level being a self-regulatory organization such as FINRA, secondly – the SEC, on the Federal level, and thirdly, the Securities State Commission, on the State level.  Each level may have requirements that not only differ but that may also contradict one another. Advisers would have to decide which level would be more beneficial. Annual registration and membership fees will be required on every level. Moreover, in case of an audit, the Registered Investment Adviser will have to bear the audit expenses. Very unusual.  Haven’t they tightened the screws enough? And where are the lobbyists? Read more »


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